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First Week 

It has been a very busy first week.  I’d like to say thanks to everyone that has stopped by to wish me well, share some nugget of information, or give me the history of a particular item at CPC.  Many calls, emails, meetings and visits have filled my first week and I must admit I loved it.  You all are a delight to work with and serve beside as we undertake Kingdom work.  Here’s hoping the next 23 weeks were as great as the first.  

Thanks, jeff

First Day on the job!

4 Replies to “Jeff’s Thoughts”

  1. Jeff, Great to have you here and in this position. I too hope the next 23 weeks are as good as the first one! Thank you for your leadership and the talents you bring that will enable us to worship and glorify God.

  2. Jeff,
    As you may know, Covington Presbyterian Church has been very involved with Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West for a number of years. In your role as Transition Pastor, if you would like to learn about our building on Faith Committee and/or would like a Habitour of our construction sites and completed homes, contact me via email or at 985-590-9922.
    Jeff St. Romain

  3. Thanks Jeff. I was unable to make the meeting on August 25th, but looking forward to being involved with Habitat for Humanity, St. Tammany West. CPC is a big fan and I am too! See you soon. Jeff

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